Focusing on my neurological-brain trauma (caused by an accident in 2018), my ongoing research-based practice looks at various areas of applied art and design, with the main focus on my own sensory disability as well as various branches of neuroscience, social design and technology.

I have an impaired central nervous system function, and this has been a life changing condition for me which has affected my life hugely. I am now trying to discover, accept, embrace and study it through my art, academic writing and story-telling, with the aim to share and exchange knowledge via fiction and non-fiction projects.

I am a published author-artist of several books and papers, my work has been actively exhibited and showcased internationally. I have worked and collaborated with many institutions, including the Computer Arts Society, Mozilla Foundation, NESTA, Amnesty International, BBC, Hearing Health Foundation, British Medical Journal, Disney, TATE, V&A, Watermans and Thames&Hudson. I am a University Fellow, also member of "The Higher Education Academy – UK Professional Standard" for teaching and learning in University setting.

'I like to explore and be dynamic in my work, and it is important that my practice is part of an ongoing conversation on the role of the arts in various sectors. This web-gallery is a sort of archive and progression of some of my practice; not everything is available online of course, but I want to keep this space as an evolving reflection of my artistic development. I have been lucky to have worked, collaborated and met with amazing people in various professional fields; this has enabled shaping experiences that also inspire my own artistic development and commitment. I enjoy practicing with creative techniques such as illustration, photography, technology, garden design, digital and mix-media, all using up-cycling (as a meaning of new life) methods.'